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Here on the blog, I share excerpts of my country life, including topics such as gardening, preserving, cooking, exploring nature, and homemade projects

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Life is Beautiful

With January coming to an end, I am considering some of the goals I set out to work on this[...]
I want to introduce our sweet kitty cat to you as I know she will show up on the blog[...]
I love putting gifts together. Perhaps it is partially because I can't buy new things for myself all the time[...]

My Kitchen

Making your own strawberry rhubarb pie from scratch is easy! Everyone is always talking about how much they love Strawberry[...]
Meal planning has always been an issue for me. I usually end up making a plan for the month, posting it[...]
I've had grape jelly on my canning list for a couple of weeks now. But I can make jelly anytime[...]

Making Home

It occurred to me recently that I started this blog with the intent of sharing my home "inside and out"...but[...]
For some, ripped jeans are right in style and they actually purchase them new with rips and tears!! Well, I[...]
I’ve been noticing white washed pots in a lot of farmhouse decor and white decor homes. Ever since joining Instagram[...]

Grow Things

I’ve always wanted a kitchen herb garden. Something about it just sounds a bit romantic and cozy. Not to mention[...]
A couple Saturdays ago I headed down to Fred Meyer for their Fuchsia Saturday event. Each year, on the first[...]
Spring has finally arrived. The sun is starting to shine, everything is turning green and starting to grow, and I've[...]