Grow Things

Gorgeous sky this morning! Cooler temps are definitely on their way and I’m ready. I’ve already planted some beans, pumpkins,[...]
These flowers finally got a new home! I've had these for well over a year and they've been in the[...]
My Oregano desperately needed a new pot. It kept wilting down in the ever increasing heat so I trimmed it[...]
While we were in Oregon this year, I adopted one of the Meyer Lemon Trees that my mother in law[...]
This past fall, my friend Jill gave me some sunflower seeds she saved from her garden. As she filled the[...]
As I sat on my door step enjoy the last Tangelo from my fruit basket I bite into a seed.[...]
I guess the garden bug bites early down here in the desert! Last week, I officially gave up on growing[...]
I've developed quite the traveling garden over the last few years. Being able to take full grown plants with me[...]
A while back, I was challenged to write down 3 things that would help make up my "happy place". That[...]
I’ve always wanted a kitchen herb garden. Something about it just sounds a bit romantic and cozy. Not to mention[...]