Making Home

I'm pretty sure my Jonathan is trying to make our home here so beautiful and cozy that I'll never want[...]
As we head into 2020, I thought "A Fresh Start" quote was fitting for our chalkboard refrigerator. I'm taking a[...]
The flies have been surprisingly terrible this year in Yuma, AZ. Last year we left our front door open most[...]
Since arriving in Salem, we've had a lot of little projects that we've been picking away at. One of those[...]
Thought I'd give you guys an update on our progress renovating our 17' Truck Camper. My husband purchased this camper[...]
Today I took on a task that has been on our to-do list for quite a while. The window treatments[...]
This idea goes way back to when my husband and I were dating. He gave me a handbag for my[...]
As we continue our camper renovation, we wanted to do something with the refrigerator. The pale yellow, heavily finished, and[...]
It occurred to me recently that I started this blog with the intent of sharing my home "inside and out"...but[...]
For some, ripped jeans are right in style and they actually purchase them new with rips and tears!! Well, I[...]