I’ve got big transitions and tiny living downsizing to share with you! Yes, you read that right, we already live tiny, but we are DOWNSIZING even more!!

When we purchased our Alfa 5th Wheel, we only planned on living in it for about two years. It has been three and a half years now!! That much time, two people, living in 325 sq feet….you’d think we’d be tired of it and ready to move on! Well, we are!! But it’s not the kind of moving on we anticipated.

Our plan was to live in the 5th Wheel as a way to “live within our means” so that we could purchase our own land to settle, build, and homestead. After living comfortably in the RV for a couple years, we started shopping for land. OUTRAGEOUS! We couldn’t even dream of “living within our means” and purchasing even 1 acre of useable land anywhere in the Pacific Northwest. It just wasn’t going to happen. We considered the whole mortgage idea, but it goes against our core values in life! Debt free living is very importance to us. Besides, we don’t really want just 1 acre, we’d like at least 10 – 20 acres for our future homestead. And so the wheels began to turn in our minds as we searched for solutions.

In January of this year (2017), my husband landed a great deal on a 2003 Fleetwood Truck Camper, and purchased it as a fixer upper project. Initially, he thought he’d just give it a rough fix, and use it for solo trips around the country in search of affordable and useable acreage. As he dug into the project, he found more and more things that needed fixing, and as he spent more time on the camper, his creative mind began dreaming up all kinds of amazing solutions for this tiny living space! If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen me share pieces of this incredible project.

I really don’t know what lead to what, but between June and September, our plans had shifted drastically! You may have noticed the blog slow down a bit during this time, as I was trying to sort out where we were even going and what direction to go with my blog. One thing lead to another, and after many long chats over warm coffee, we found ourselves on the other side of some big decisions. Hubby would no longer be taking the camper out on solo trips. He dropped the idea of a “rough fix” and dove head first into a thorough remodel and camper renovation project!!! We decided to put the 5th Wheel up FOR SALE and move into the truck camper, living the RV lifestyle on the road!

The camper project is far from completion, but we are moving forward regardless! With the Oregon rains settling in, and no shop to keep the project dry, it’s time to get down the road. The 5th wheel is scheduled to roll out of here this week, and now begins our adventures living full time in the Truck Camper! Stay tuned for updates as we live in the same tiny space we are trying to renovate, search for our future homestead, and enjoy life moment by moment during this season of our journey.

“Life is a Balance of Effort & Surrender” This is our motto as we take on this stage of life. We are putting in effort to create a lifestyle we love, including work, home, and location. We are surrendering to the challenges and sacrifices we have to make to get there. And we are enjoying the journey, life itself, along the way.

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Gabriella - October 22, 2017 Reply

God speed my friend. I admire that both of you are working as a team to Pursue your dreams for your own homestead. Peace be with you both!

Becky - October 23, 2017 Reply

This is happyflgahomemaker from IG. I’m going to love following your adventure. 🙂 My adventure was moving to England 33 years ago to begin my life with hubby. We’d planned to settle there, but getting ahead over there would have been much harder than in Florida (pay, housing, etc) so we moved back to Florida after 1.5 years and been here ever since. Our way we satisfy our adventurous side now is to travel,…a lot. Good luck and God bless! ❤

    Suzanne Cox - October 23, 2017 Reply

    Hi Becky!! Nice to have you here on the blog, my online home. Thanks for coming over and checking things out! 💕 Sounds like you and your hubby did have a great adventure…so awesome that you are still taking adventures together now too. I enjoy all you share from your home on IG as well. 🙂

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