Introducing Macchiato, Cat in the Country

Macchiato the cat blog post

I want to introduce our sweet kitty cat to you as I know she will show up on the blog frequently. She is always close by, and very curious about every new project. Since joining our home, Macchiato has developed the nick name “Inspector Coffee” as she is always looking over our projects before giving them her stamp of approval.

We welcomed a new ball of fluff into our home spring of 2015. Macchiato is our 3rd kitty cat since we’ve been married and we are so thankful to have her in our life. She provides a lot of entertainment, cuddles, and trouble around our home. Here are some pictures from her kitten days.

Her name came along as a good fit because she always seemed to be on an espresso high! She was such a frisky kitten! Until it was time to sleep that is…

  Her coloring reminds me of a fresh brewed cup of coffee just as you stir in the creamer. She is such a beautiful cat! If course she choose my hubby as her person right from the beginning even though he bought her as a gift for me. Everyone knows a cat chooses her owner.

We are glad she has grown out of the kitten stage. She is nearly 2 years old now! She did play a bit rough when she was a kitten and she is the first cat we’ve had out grow that kitten stage. It is nice to own a cat instead of a kitten. She continues to mellow out as the months go by and we are glad to see it.

Here is a picture of one of Macchiato’s first trips to the garden. She has always loved following us over to the garden and playing in the garden beds and nearby woods while we do our work. It’s fun having an eager garden buddy too!


And of course she makes a great lap warmer! I always savor the times she chooses to sit with me, as she is usually after daddy cuddles, but I can’t complain because she is actually sitting in my lap right now as I write this post! 

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